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  • Your printer needs to be kept as dust-free as possible. This in itself can cause some problems that could be avoided by simply taking out the printer cartridge and giving it and the printer cartridge holder a wipe with a clean cloth.
  • Never allow the inkjet cartridge to completely run out of ink. Attempting to print with a cartridge that has no ink may result in damage to the print head. If the print head is damaged then the cartridge will not be able to be refilled and therefore unable to be reused.
  • Empty cartridges should be kept in a sealed plastic bag to prevent the print head from drying out.
  • Inkjet cartridges should also be stored somewhere cold, for example the refrigerator. Cartridges, either new or refilled, can have a shelf life of up to three years if stored under the correct conditions.
  • When removing an empty cartridge, always be sure to replace it immediately with another one. This will prevent the print well from drying out that could clog the printer permanently.
  • Some print problems you may be experiencing could possibly be corrected by simply performing the printer cleaning diagnostics and repair program that has been included in your printer driver software.
  • However, even if after performing this cleaning cycle, the printer still gives an unsatisfactory result, you may need to “prime” the cartridge. Priming the cartridge involves holding down the cartridge (print head), then the print head should be lightly pressed onto a warm, moistened paper towel, until ink is seen to “bleed” onto the paper. Blot the print head only, do not wipe.

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