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Technical Issues

  • Use the right paper - While laser printers usually print consistently on different kinds of paper, inkjet printers achieve varying results on different kinds of paper. This is due to the different absorption levels of different kinds of paper when ink is applied in this way. Inkjets tend to achieve a better result on glossy and photo type papers as well as thick card stocks than laser printers.
  • Maintenance and cleaning - You want your printer cartridge to give you the best result it can, so therefore a little maintenance and cleaning will help to keep this happening. There is software included within the printer itself that helps with this process. All it will take is a few sheets of paper and a little of your time to keep your output looking good. The first step to take when noticing a problem with the cartridge is to perform this software program to see if that fixes it.
  • Included here is information about some of the diagnostics that many printers run to correct initial faults and to keep them operating smoothly.
  • Alignment of the print head - If there are horizontal or vertical lines or gaps running across your prints, then the print head is probably misaligned. A diagnostic should be performed for this problem.
  • Nozzle check - If some of the colours on your prints are missing or appear to be dull, not bright, the diagnostic should be performed to check the condition of the print head nozzle. A series of lines and colours will be printed out. Using the computer interface, you can tell your printer which print looks the best. The utility can then determine and correct any of these faults. However, if there are gaps on the page, then a nozzle check should be performed.
If you would like to know about these tests in more detail, then please refer to your printer help menu or manual.
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